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Rules, Resources and Affiliates


For icons, friends-only banners, desktops, etc:

 CREDIT idolovepotatoes or potato_esque.
 Do NOT edit in any way, shape or form.
 Save to your own computer!
 Commenting is not required, but is highly encouraged.
 CREDIT idolovepotatoes or potato_esque.
 EDIT them before claiming them as your own.
 Commenting is again not required, but is highly encouraged.
 If you're using a base as an icon, use the rules for icons.
Remember that claiming a graphic as your own or not crediting the maker is not only wrong, but it's stealing as well. Have some courtesy and respect for those who make things for you- follow the rules, and especially credit.

Crediting simply involves stating somewhere by whom the graphic was made. It's really simple to do, as well. Livejournal has specific codes you can use in order to link to others' livejournals and userinfo all at once.

For icons, credit in either the keywords or comment section when you upload the icon. I prefer the comment section so that the keywords can pertain to the actual icon, but whatever floats your boat is fine. Enter the LJ code just like this:

For friends-only banners, backgrounds and things used in LJ layouts, credit in your user-info or (in the case of friends-only banners and the like) in the post in which the graphic is included.

For bases, credit in the post that includes the icons and tell which icons you used the bases in. You can also credit in your resources area, if you have one.

Again, crediting is a courtesy you should extend to all graphic-makers. They make things for you- give back through appreciation and crediting. That was nice and corny, so moving on to resources...


Images and Screen Captures

thephotobox (promotional images, actors, movies, etc.)
Oh Johnny dot net (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Veritaserum Galleries (Harry Potter)

Textures and Brushes





Affiliation Info

If you're interested in affiliating, please leave a comment here with a link to your graphics journal. I'll leave a link (or button, if you use them) in the affiliate area of this post and in my userinfo, as well as a brief description of your graphics (as in whether you do icons, backgrounds, whatever, and if you have a dominant subject of interest, such as Harry Potter). I require, however, a link on your journal in your affiliates area of your journal- otherwise what's the point? Thanks!
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Care to affiliate with my icon journal? amortentia_gal
Of course! I'll add you in. :)
Thanks! ♥