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project runway!

15 Project Runway Season 3 icons! Hip hip hooray!

[10] Various Episodes (not overly spoilery)
[05] Bradley Baumkirchner

Please follow the rules. It's not hard or anything. Just comment, credit, and don't edit, 'kay? If you like what you see, feel free to friend the graphics community!


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Gonna take 14 and 15 - will credit.
Enjoy. :)
Taking 4, hahaha. Thanks.
You're welcome and thank you! :)

Snagging #15! these are great! thank you!!
Aww, thank you! Enjoy! :)
Taking 15. Awww. Will credit.
:) Thanks and enjoy!
15! thx
Thank you and enjoy!
4 made me lol. =)
:) Good to hear.
love them. great job. taking 15, will credit.

mucho <33
Thanks and enjoy! :)
took 13, 14 and 15. will credit. thanks!
Thank you and enjoy! :)
taking 15 -- nice work :)
Thank you! :) Enjoy!
Thank you :) I am taking #15, and will credit and not edit!
Thanks very much! :) Enjoy!
15!!!! <3
took number 4, thnx. will credit.
Thank you and enjoy! :)
oh, I love you. will credit.
Oh, I love you, too. ;) Thanks and enjoy!
Took #14! Thanks!
Thank you and enjoy!
I'm taking #2! XD

Will credit. :)
Enjoy! :)
snagged 15 and i credited ya for it. keep up the good work!
Thank you and will do! Enjoy! :)
Someone directed me here to these omfghilarious icons. XD I'm totally taking number 15 -- with credit, of course!
Oooh, I'm popular! Haha, thanks. Enjoy. :)
I am taking 14!
Enjoy! :)
I saw someone had 15 and I love it!
Saving and crediting, of course.
Yay, enjoy!
Gacked two, six and eight! <3 thanks
You're welcome, thank you, and enjoy!
Snagging 2&8, and I'll definately credit. These rock.
Thanks! Enjoy them! :)
Taking 15 :) They are wonderful!
Yay! Thanks and enjoy! :)
Taking 13 and 14!
Yay, enjoy! Thanks!
took 15 & 12 will credit!
Thank you and enjoy!
ahh hahah taking 15! will credit. =)
Hoorah! Enjoy! :)
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